The exhibition “Facing Identity” was presented at CAAA Center of Art and Architecture Affairs between 6 September and 26 October 2019 by the Portuguese artist Igor Gonçalves. “Facing Identity” emerges from the consolidation of a career that brings together, in a complex and multifaceted way, music and fine arts, namely painting and drawing.

The exhibition is divided into three dimensions.

— The first translated the obsolete places of memory. Fragments of imagination that portray ramifications of reality in a graphic manifestation of fleeting lines, fearless figures and past allusions.

In this dimension, sunflowers hold a prominent place as they are integral elements of an identity construction referring to the places of childhood.

— The second dimension presented a contrast between fictional trajectories, imagined stories and fantasized images, on the one hand, and the impetus of reality on the other. It illustrated, therefore, how the identity construction in adolescence also occurs through the embodiment of fears, ghosts, loves, desires, satires and weaknesses. The repetition, the finite, the calm, the knowledge, the energy, the traces and the bass took central stage in such scenarios.

— The third dimension was the result of the metamorphosis of the never finite construction of identity. The (un)useful masks with which we build ourselves daily. The amulets that, condensing past history and shedding images of the future, appear to be more real than identity itself.

"Facing Identity" thus lead to a reflection on how the ephemeral realities of memory mingle with the perennial effects of identity in permanent construction.